There just isn’t a point if people find you “comfortable”

There just isn’t a point if people find you “comfortable”


when i was 7 years old i had my first internet boyfriend on he was 14 and said the age difference didnt matter and that he loved me and promised to marry me

but his account got frozen like 3 days laterĀ 

suddenly every sentence that i convey is covering up every mistake i’ve made
and if we stay out here all night im sure we’ll freeze but honestly i wish you wouldn’t leave.
This is where i say something funny and hope to god you crack a smile.
If it wasn’t love why does it hurt this much to say goodbye?
This is where you do something cute and i fall more in love with you.
I think you might be better off with someone less like me!
I have a crush on Brisbane, my hometown. I don't eat enough fruit, and I like stories, a lot. Stories about people. People who want to live lives that leave an amazing feeling as the credits role.

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